Defines priority values for speech data reproduce.


  • C#: public enum HzSpeechLevel : byte
  • Ruby: module HzSpeechLevel
  • Python: class HzSpeechLevel(Enum)



  • Low: Sending only. Low mode is not reproduced, and is not even converted to audio data.
  • Normal:  It is reproduced in the received order.(default value)
  • High: If Normal mode data is reproducing, is canceled, and High mode data is reproduced  in the interrupt. and the interrupted data is reproduced  after the playback is completed.



If the device continues to wait state for a long time, Windows 10 OS may be suspend the operation of the network in deterrence purposes of resource consumption. (about interrupt timing, is not constant. because it is determined by OS. and also about  specification of interrupt timing is also likely to be changed in the future.)


In such cases, by Low mode assign, it can be prevented by performing “alive check” appropriate intervals. Incidentally, about the proper spacing of the “alive check”, it is necessary to specify the interval that was in the environment by the user.