Explain how to use the SDK.


SDK Requirement
.NET .Net Framework 4.5 or later
Ruby Ruby version 1.9 or later
Installed gem
Python Python version 3.2 or later
Installed pip and wheel
Import packages. (numpy, pycrypto).  if you have used python’s version < 3.4, need enum34 package.
Java In progress

How to Implement

SDK Implement
.NET Download of SDK for .NET:


Show the solution explorer on the Visual Studio.

Add “HzClientTcpCommunication.dll” by “reference” of the solution explorer.
Insert the following code at the using part of your source file.

using HzClientTcpCommunication;

Ruby Install the gem package, enter “gem install haruzira_sdk”.


Insert the following code at the require part of your source file.

require “haruzira_sdk”.

Python Install the pypi package, enter “pip install haruzira_sdk” or “pip3 install haruzira_sdk”.


Insert the following code at the import part of your source file.

import haruzirasdk.hz_client_tcp_communication as hzcomm


from haruzirasdk import hz_client_tcp_communication as hzcomm

Java  In progress

Examples for basic programming

Example 1

This is a most small program for sending the  text of “Hello Haruzira!”.

As a prerequisite, Server is assumed to operate on the following connection information.

IP: “”,  Port:46000

and not carried out the post-reception processing of asynchronous messages in this example.




Example 2

This is a simple program for that receive ‘Send Speech Recognition Command’ message and return text message data  to sender.

As a prerequisite, Server(Haruzira) has been regist that the following command information.

Command name: “Weather Information”

Encryption: not use

As a prerequisite, Client has been work that the following port number for listener.

Also, this sample callback function for receiving ‘Send Speech Recognition Command’ message is a following name.








if you need more information about SDK, make reference to the sample programs.